2019 Theme - Back to Basics

For 2019, the elders have selected a theme of Back to Basics.  During the course of the year, our six elders will present lessons designed to build us up by reinforcing our knowledge of the basics of Christianity.  The elders will present lessons on the third Sunday evenings on this theme.  The topics and tentative dates are listed below:

  • Worship (January 20)            
  • Who Is God? (February 17)         
  • When The End Comes (March 17)                  
  • Inspiration of the Bible (April 21)                     
  • The Bible: From God To Us (May 19)             
  • God’s Marriage Law (June 16)            
  • The Two Testaments (July 21)                                  
  • Disciple (August 18)               
  • God’s Plan for My Salvation (September 15)                    
  • The Lord’s Church (October 20)          
  • What Does God Want From Me (November 17)                       
  • The Importance of Bible Study (December 15)