Prayer List - 7/7/19


  • Gina Adams – chemotherapy; she reports that the present chemotherapy isn’t affecting her as much as in the past  
  • Arthur Thomas – ill today and not able to be at services
  • Rachel Anderson – out of town today; she has resumed her chemotherapy although she is still having some pain.
  • Kimberly Crutcher-Williams – in physical therapy for her recent shoulder surgery
  • Bev Smith – recovering at home from back surgery. Emily Smith has been organizing help with meals and housekeeping.
  • Jordan Pack – suffering with vertigo
  • Jennifer Perkins – suffering with a cold
  • Zachary Gougar
  • Caitlyn Hood
  • Laura Silvernail – scheduled for dental surgery on Tuesday morning


  • Gary & Vicki Copeland – in Ecuador through July 19t
  • Jacob Pack – in Boaz today
  • Joe Carver - work
  • Kourtney Hamilton – left for Gettysburg, PA this afternoon
  • Kelly Milstead & kids – worshipped with her parents today while Jim is away
  • Clark & Audrey McKee – leaving on Tuesday to visit family  
  • Gary Holladay – stayed with his mother today; she has been to the ER a couple of times this past week.
  • Evana Harmon – in Virginia with her with her daughter-in-law Thelma; it is anticipated that she will be gone for at least two more weeks.
  • Eric & Melanie Gougar – returning from Zanesville, Ohio this weekend.
  • Wendy & Kaylee Stewart & Sheila Hurst – left for Ireland today and returning on July 18th.
  • The Ethridge family – worshipped at Hartselle this morning to take Caleb to camp; Ralph & Beth are planning to spend a couple of days in Florence while Lillian stays with her grandmother.
  • The Renfrow family – worshipped in Hartselle this morning in order to take the kids to camp this afternoon; back this evening
  • The Daniel Weatherford family – worshipped with family in Florence today
  • Britni Broadwell and kids – visiting family in Missouri; planning to return a week from tomorrow
  • Phillip & Jennifer Hood, Josh & Jana Loveless – in London today; traveling through July 13th  
  • Zach & Andrea Huff – preparing to move to Hartselle in July, probably in the next two or three weeks

Friends and family prayer concerns:

  • Eugene Henderson (friend of Larry Beich; lives in Murfreesboro area) – struggling with sinus cancer; not doing well – he has lost an eye due to the cancer
  • Bob Milstead (Jim Milstead’s father) – scheduled for open heart surgery tomorrow; Jim is in California with the family; anticipated return on Tuesday
  • Rebecca (birth mother of the baby boy to be adopted by Josh and Jana Loveless) – the baby is due in September
  • Carol Donovan (mother of Danielle Copeland) – she anticipates receiving the results of recent tests on Monday.
  • Marie Stancliff (grandmother of Jon & Phillip Hood) –lives in Murfreesboro in a nursing home
  • Ed & Audrey Hester (grandparents of Jana Loveless)
  • Leon Boyd (father of Jim Boyd)
  • Thelma Harmon (aunt of Andrea Huff; daughter-in-law of Evana Harmon) – bone cancer; she will be having bone marrow harvested and eventually reinserted into her bones – a very painful procedure.
  • Dennis Stewart (father-in-law of Wendy) – Cancer
  • Heather Hammond (Arthur’s friend) – she lives in the same group home; attending services regularly

Long-term Prayer Concerns: 

  • Dennis & Mitzi Depew
  • Dot Holladay 
  • Jerry Sutton (Beverly Smith’s father); dementia; staying at Morningside Assisted Living, a facility in Decatur.