COVID-19 Update 5/18/2020

We will be having an assembly in our building this Sunday morning at 9 AM. With the relaxing of some restrictions by the Governor, the deacons and elders are arranging our assembly to meet these restrictions, which include proper distancing. The Zoom videoconference will still be available for those who feel more comfortable in their cars than in the building. There may be one or more classrooms set aside for those who have at-risk factors and choose more distancing. The gathering will include the Lord's Supper (please bring your own elements, or they will be provided as you come in - no passing of common trays/items). Singing will occur afterwards outdoors if weather allows. Our Bible classes have been conducted via Zoom videoconference on Sunday at 5 PM and Wednesday at 7 PM. This may change, so members should check their email for additional information. Visitors are encouraged to contact us for more information.