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Besides regularly offering Bible classes for adults, we also conduct ...

Bible Classes for Children of All Ages

3-5-year olds
3-5-year olds
and 1st-graders
K-1st grade
2nd- and
2nd-3rd-grade class
4th- and
4th-5th-grade class
We also have classes for toddlers and for middle-school and for high-school students,
which are not pictured.

The Curriculum

All our classes are Bible-focused, even at the 18-month-old level! They last 45 minutes and meet twice a week. While we put great effort into making our classes as instructive and effective as possible, we know that instruction in God's word begins in the home (Deuteronomy 6; Proverbs 1; Ephesians 6; etc.), so our classes are intended to complement, not substitute for, home teaching.

We study materials that have been prepared almost exclusively by our teachers. (It's sometimes hard to teach with enthusiasm other people's materials.) Only the Bible is given by inspiration of God (2 Timothy 3:16), and our materials are designed to guide the students to appreciate and read and understand the Bible. (See Acts 8:

Our youngest children study key lessons from the Bible, covering highlights from the entire Bible in 6- or 12 months. The older children spend an entire year in the Old Testament, then a year in the New Testament. By high school, the students study topics which are relevant to their age group.

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