Assembly Schedule Update (January 2022)

We assemble in person on Sundays at 9 AM for worship with classes at 10:30. On Wednesday evenings, we meet briefly in the auditorium at 7 PM, followed by classes.

Sunday Evenings: We have a children's Bible Drill Class at 4:20 followed by a 5:00 pm worship assembly given to a variety of activities, including sermon-in-song, opportunities for member speakers, sermons from Allen, special classes, reports from preachers we support, etc.
We will not meet at the building on 5th Sunday evenings. These are "open," to provide opportunities for Zoom classes/presentations, to allow members to invite others into their homes for a meal, study, or singing, or to visit other congregations.

Our assemblies are mostly normal now after the expiration of the Alabama State mandates. Masks and distancing are not required, but they are in no way discouraged. Classrooms with video/audio are provided for those who have at-risk factors and/or choose more distancing. Zoom sessions are also still being provided. The Lord's Supper pre-packaged elements are being utilized, and are available as you enter the building.