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COVID-19 Update 3/21/2020

All assemblies at the Church of Christ on Kelly Spring Road building have been suspended for th[...]

2020 Gospel Meetings at Kelly Spring Road

Jarred McCrary : February 21-23, 2020Dave Stewart : September 20-23, 2020

2020 Congregational Theme - Having A Heart For God

Our elders will present lessons based on Learning from the life of David titled, "Hav[...]

  1. Details Play The Righteousness of God Witnessed by the Law and the Prophets
    Allen Dvorak Sun PM, March 08, 2020
  2. Details Play Trusting in the Promises of God
    Allen Dvorak Sun AM, March 08, 2020
  3. Details Play The Secret to Success
    Allen Dvorak Sun PM, March 01, 2020
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