Prayer List - 7/7/19


  • Gina Adams – chemotherapy; she reports that the present chemotherapy isn’t affecting her as much as in the past  
  • Arthur Thomas – ill today and not able to be at services
  • Rachel Anderson – out of town today; she has resumed her chemotherapy although she is still having some pain.
  • Kimberly Crutcher-Williams – in physical therapy for her recent shoulder surgery
  • Bev Smith – recovering at home from back surgery. Emily Smith has been organizing help with meals and housekeeping.
  • Jordan Pack – suffering with vertigo
  • Jennifer Perkins – suffering with a cold
  • Zachary Gougar
  • Caitlyn Hood
  • Laura Silvernail – scheduled for dental surgery on Tuesday morning


  • Gary & Vicki Copeland – in Ecuador through July 19t
  • Jacob Pack – in Boaz today
  • Joe Carver - work
  • Kourtney Hamilton – left for Gettysburg, PA this afternoon
  • Kelly Milstead & kids – worshipped with her parents today while Jim is away
  • Clark & Audrey McKee – leaving on Tuesday to visit family  
  • Gary Holladay – stayed with his mother today; she has been to the ER a couple of times this past week.
  • Evana Harmon – in Virginia with her with her daughter-in-law Thelma; it is anticipated that she will be gone for at least two more weeks.
  • Eric & Melanie Gougar – returning from Zanesville, Ohio this weekend.
  • Wendy & Kaylee Stewart & Sheila Hurst – left for Ireland today and returning on July 18th.
  • The Ethridge family – worshipped at Hartselle this morning to take Caleb to camp; Ralph & Beth are planning to spend a couple of days in Florence while Lillian stays with her grandmother.
  • The Renfrow family – worshipped in Hartselle this morning in order to take the kids to camp this afternoon; back this evening
  • The Daniel Weatherford family – worshipped with family in Florence today
  • Britni Broadwell and kids – visiting family in Missouri; planning to return a week from tomorrow
  • Phillip & Jennifer Hood, Josh & Jana Loveless – in London today; traveling through July 13th  
  • Zach & Andrea Huff – preparing to move to Hartselle in July, probably in the next two or three weeks

Friends and family prayer concerns:

  • Eugene Henderson (friend of Larry Beich; lives in Murfreesboro area) – struggling with sinus cancer; not doing well – he has lost an eye due to the cancer
  • Bob Milstead (Jim Milstead’s father) – scheduled for open heart surgery tomorrow; Jim is in California with the family; anticipated return on Tuesday
  • Rebecca (birth mother of the baby boy to be adopted by Josh and Jana Loveless) – the baby is due in September
  • Carol Donovan (mother of Danielle Copeland) – she anticipates receiving the results of recent tests on Monday.
  • Marie Stancliff (grandmother of Jon & Phillip Hood) –lives in Murfreesboro in a nursing home
  • Ed & Audrey Hester (grandparents of Jana Loveless)
  • Leon Boyd (father of Jim Boyd)
  • Thelma Harmon (aunt of Andrea Huff; daughter-in-law of Evana Harmon) – bone cancer; she will be having bone marrow harvested and eventually reinserted into her bones – a very painful procedure.
  • Dennis Stewart (father-in-law of Wendy) – Cancer
  • Heather Hammond (Arthur’s friend) – she lives in the same group home; attending services regularly

Long-term Prayer Concerns: 

  • Dennis & Mitzi Depew
  • Dot Holladay 
  • Jerry Sutton (Beverly Smith’s father); dementia; staying at Morningside Assisted Living, a facility in Decatur.

2019 Theme - Back to Basics

Our elders will present lessons to reinforce our knowledge of the basics of Christianity, typically on the third Sunday morning of each month.  The topics and tentative dates are listed below:

  • Worship (January 20)            
  • Who Is God? (February 17)         
  • When The End Comes (March 17)                  
  • Inspiration of the Bible (April 21)                     
  • God’s Plan for My Salvation (May 19)             
  • God’s Marriage Law (June 16)            
  • The Two Testaments (July 21)                                  
  • Disciple (August 18)               
  • The Bible: From God To Us (September 15)                    
  • The Lord’s Church (October 20)          
  • What Does God Want From Me (November 17)                       
  • The Importance of Bible Study (December 15)