COVID-19 Update 3/21/2020

All assemblies at the Church of Christ on Kelly Spring Road building have been suspended for the time being.  Opportunities to participate in services via videoconferencing using Zoom are in progress.  Members should pay attention to their emails for additional information.  


2020 Gospel Meetings at Kelly Spring Road

Jarred McCrary : February 21-23, 2020

Dave Stewart : September 20-23, 2020

2020 Congregational Theme - Having A Heart For God

Our elders will present lessons based on Learning from the life of David titled, "Having A Heart For God". These typically occur on the third Sunday morning of each month.  The topics and tentative dates are listed below:

  • Facing Your Giants: Trusting In The Living God (January 19th)
  • On Life's Roller Coaster: Handling Life's Highs & Lows (February 16th)
  • Returning Good For Evil: Showing Mercy To An Enemy (March 15th)
  • Delight in Worship: Proper Perspective In God's Presence (April 19th)
  • Keeping Our Word: David's Promise To Jonathan (May 17th)
  • Take Heed Lest You Fall: David's Sins (June 21st)
  • Dealing With Sin: Remorse And Repentance (July 19th)
  • A Life Filled With Prayer: David's Psalms (August 16th)
  • A Family Legacy: David's Poor Parenting (September 13th)
  • Love For God's Word: Rejoicing Over Great Treasure (October 18th)
  • A Spiritual Heritage: Perparation For The Future (November 15th)
  • A Man After God's Own Heart (December 20th)