COVID-19 Update 10/28/2020

We are assembling weekly in our building on Sunday mornings at 9 AM and Wednesday evenings at 7 PM.

The deacons and elders have arranged our assembly to meet current restrictions, which include proper distancing. The Zoom video conference will still be available for those who feel more comfortable in their cars than in the building. There will be one or more classrooms set aside for those who have at-risk factors and choose more distancing. The gathering will include the Lord's Supper (pre-packaged elements will be provided). We are now singing indoors at the very end of services. Any who are not comfortable with this will be given the opportunity to exit the building. The elders have requested for those who remain indoors to sing to wear a mask.

Our Bible classes are also now being held indoors in our building. Classes will be at 10:30 on Sunday mornings, and at 7 PM on Wednesday evenings. On Sunday mornings cleaning will be done between worship and classes where necessary.  There will only be one adult class (in the main auditorium). All are asked to exit the building when classes are dismissed and to practice distancing outdoors.

The process may change as conditions change, so members should check their email for additional information. Visitors are encouraged to contact us for more information.

2021 Fall Gospel Meeting at Kelly Spring Road

Our Fall 2021 Gospel Meeting will be September 12-15 with Albert Dickson.

2021 Spring Gospel Meeting at Kelly Spring Road

February 19-21, 2021, we will have a gospel meeting with Kevin Clark, of Birmingham AL.

One or two of the lessons will be dedicated to issues of race and race relations in the church.

Members are invited to send questions to Gary Copeland who will collate them so they can be addressed by brother Clark. We are looking forward to benefiting from his perspective and his understanding of God’s word. It may seem a long way off, but the questions may be fresh on your mind now.